My work is all about creating spaces for community engagement and providing a platform for people to be heard and share their skills. I enjoy questioning, documenting, reading, writing and travel. I am passionate about inspiring people to think, and helping them along their own creative journeys.

I offer hands-on, diverse workshops that creatively inspire, engage and grow each individual, while building and strengthening their local community, with little or no money.

The theme that runs through all of my workshops is creating, doing and sharing in communities. By activating a creative culture within a town, those who seek creative opportunities have less reason to leave for the bright lights of a capital city. I see myself as a cultural ‘seed planter’, moving from town to town inspiring growth, sharing skills and stories. I share experiences I have collected, particularly those learnt growing up on the Darling Downs in the Queensland town of Toowoomba, Australia.

You can read more about my workshops and my full bio in the latest tape and staples booklet, by clicking on the image below.

Dream with your eyes open, turn off the TV and bask in your own brilliance!

Jeremy Staples

My first gig consisted of a venue I negotiated for free, Council-printed flyers, and Jeremy organised a sound system. 300 patrons and no major hiccups, all thanks to Jeremy’s guidance and ‘can-do anything on no budget’ attitude.”
Jade Reardon
Bachelor of Arts Student

“Jeremy brought great knowledge, experience and energy to the program and his ability to connect and support the young participants was a huge part of the success of the program.”
Cassey Russell
Transit Lounge/Youth Arts Queensland

“Very approachable, skilled and passionate."
Melissa Edwards
Contemporary Arts Event Producer + Manager
Heyday Festival Founding Director

“The workshop was entirely interactive from the very start. Jeremy related to the participants in a youthful, fun manner and, during initial introductions, tailored the session to match the particular interests and expectations of the group. Participants were extremely enthusiastic during this event; the resources supplied by Jeremy and hands-on direction kept interest levels at a high. Some of these kids had never seen a typewriter before so they really enjoyed creating their own text on these machines, so much so it was hard to drag them out of the creative space to have some lunch.”
Joel Kelly
Senior Library Officer
Western Downs Libraries