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Quite Pozible!

The Pozible supporters, without you all.. it wouldn't have been Pozible.... thank you all for your amazing support as well as everyone who helped spread the word about our campaign.

Ack Attack, Adam Mary Burnett, Aleisha Owen, Alexandra Mccallum, Alisha funkytown, Andrew Macdonald , Andrew Paine, Angela Dillon, Angie Hurlock, Anna Grega, Annie Te Whiu, Ashlee Middleton, Ashleigh Bunter, Aussie Moore, Belinda Sinclair, Billerwell Daye, Caitlin Chai maclatté, Cameron Borg, Candice Field, Carl Dempster, Carl Larson, Carly Sheil, Cassey Russell, Cassie Nguyen, Chelle Mcintyre, Chris Jackson, Chris Watherston, Christine Quinlivan, Christopher Ryder, Ciel Fuller, Creekline Hire, Damien Kamholtz, Dani Dawson, Daniel Qualischefski, Daniel Wallwork, Daniele Constance, Darren Wright, David Hutchinson, David Nyer, Deanne Staples, Dennis Raines, Derryn Knuckey, Desiree Lavallee, Donn Fatnowna, Elisa Ristuccia, Elissa Jenkins, eliza barwick, Elyssa Perrett, Emma Dodd, Erin Fitzsimon, Format Collective Inc., Gavin Bannerman, Glenn Harper, Grace Dewar, Greg Qbear, Gregory Dion, Hava Gina, Ian Mcintosh/Sonic Shades, Ili Tulloch, Illona Beningfield, Ingrid Burkett, Jase Harper, Jen Damned, Jenna Monique Webb, Jess Hall, Jessalyn Dean, Jessica Cola, Jim Campbell, Joel Goodman, Justin George, Justine Reilly, Kate Bensen, Kate Toohey, Kathi Satchel, Katie Fedosenko, Kay-Lynn Cavanagh, kelly purnell, Kristy Walters, Kylie Ellis, Leonie Sanderson, Leslie Buschel, Lisa Dempster, Lisa Pieca Pineapple, Liz Franzmann, Liz Greer, Löbster mcnappers, Loc Nguyen, Loretta Grayson, Lorraine Edwards, Luke Mysliwy, Luke You, Mandy Beaumont, Mandy Busby, Marcus Westbury, Mark Zeidler, Maryika Welter, Mat Denny, Matt G Hall, Matt Nicholls, Mel Stringer, Melanie Miller, Melanie Miller, Melody Woodnutt, Michael Lugton, Michael 'nomadiquemc' Dangalaba, Michael Wilson, Mick Byrne, Mostly Amelinda, Natalie Clark, Nathan Hankinson, Neil Carter, Nerida Tupas, Nick Ovens, Ochre Turner, Pascalle Burton, Paul Smith, Rapheal Jane Eaton Prasetyo, Rebecca Claire Edwards, Rebecca Hooley, Reuben Ingall, Robert Anderson, Rosanna Quinlivan, Rosanna Stevens, Ryan Foster, Samantha Jockel, Sarah Jansen, Sarah Keating, Sarah Lovai, Sarah Mould, Sean Payne, Shane Alexander, Shontelle Petrie, Sophie Benjamin, Susan & Evan Staples, Susi Baumgartner, Suz Windsor, Suzie Russell, Tania Mckenzie, Team Green, Terry Clayton, Tom Douglas, Tsari Paxton, Upsilon Arts, Vanessa Berry, Zac Smith-Cameron & Zenovia Pappas

Plus thank you to all the anonymous pledges, we couldn't have reached our goal without you.

Want your name to link somewhere, sorry if we missed it? Just send us the preferred link & we'll add it in.

               Pozible rewards - Postcards,Personalised Veggie Patch, Home brew beer by Elouise! 

We have learned a lot about how Pozible works and what it takes to get a project like this off the ground. The long hours, promotion and fear that you won't quite get over the line. Since the project's success, we have spent a lot of time talking about how we got to this point. If you want to chat about this, we'd love to hear from you also.

Contact us....

We'd love to hear from you. Have you got a festival, market, laneway, exhibition or community in need of something a little different? As always we'd also love to hear from the people that supported our project, feedback on zines, beer, veggie gardens, postcards, accom and general reward prizes welcomed.

email: staples.jeremy @ gmail.com

phone: 0404 805 269

post: PO Box 387, Fortitude Valley QLD, 4006 AUSTRALIA