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April 13



Workshops that we deliver!

The four core workshops that we deliver are: (detailed overviews can be found here) We're also super keen to work with other workshop faciators and anyone who wants to share a skill or showcase their wares via the trailer. Feel free to get in contact to share your idea.

- Cut Copy P&ste Zine Workshop (pages three & four of the booklet)

What is a ZINE?? Think of it as a magazine but without the ‘Maga’ out front. ‘Maga’ isn’t the only thing missing from a zine. Zines aren't glossy and found in newsagents. Zines are made by people like you and me, who have something to say or share on any topic imaginable. Zines are the perfect tool to build and support community, as well as a great voice for the voiceless. Poets and visual artists have also taken a liking to zines as a cheap and unique way to showcase their work. (detailed overviews of these workshops can be found here)

- DIY ARTillery: The Arts Survival Workshop (pages five & six of the booklet)

Becoming an artist or an arts worker isn’t as straightforward as other professional jobs such as doctor or solicitor: going to university and getting your qualifications doesn’t guarantee a job. DIY ARTillery will showcase and provide the tools required to kick-start a career in the arts. Practical activities will include constructing an invoice, grant applications and developing a marketing plan. (detailed overviews of these workshops can be found here)

- Create, Cut, Flash and Print It! Printmaking Workshop (pages seven & eight of the booklet)

I’ll cover the fundamentals of the printmaking techiques Gocco printing and Stencilling as well as the skills required to create each printmaking style. Gocco and Stencilling has become hugely popular with printmakers and other creatives, as it provides the ability to produce ‘one-of-a-kind’, detailed images which are used in everything from artist books to more mainstream products such as wedding invitations. (detailed overviews of these workshops can be found here)

‘CULT-ure Map’: A unique zine and mapping program. Unlike the boring tourist guides found at tourist information centres, each CULT-ure Map will be compiled by the people who live and create in the participating community.