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This is a great zine that documents the author's three month trip to the US from Brisbane, which I believe is his first time to the land of the golden arches, as he puts it. He zigzags between a bunch of different bigger cities, documenting the debauchery and excitement that ensues, and makes a lot of observations on US culture to which most citizens are probably totally desensitized, but that he finds fascinating in good and bad ways. His main contacts in the US were people from Microcosm, and so he ends up spending a while in Bloomington, writing about the town in a way that makes me want to hang out there and go quarry jumping with the locals, and reaffirms my belief that punks in smaller towns often know how to have infinitely more fun than their big city counterparts. This zine is well deserving of the professional printing that it received, and there are an abundance lot of great, high-quality pictures that he took everywhere he went, though I wished he'd included captions, especially since some of them aren't on the same page as the corresponding text. And if you've ever wondered what the inside of the MRR house looks like, he took a picture of that too when he interviewed Cissie and Layla.
Maximum Rock'n'Roll

Bearded Hobo is an incredible zine that will leave you turning pages and constantly exclaiming "this guy is crazy." Staples seems to be on a lifelong journey in pursuit of a good time. He is willing to do anything and go anywhere when anyone who asks. This large format, full-colour zine documents his journey from his home of Australia to the United States. It is kinda like Staples hit U.S. soil and took off on a meth-fueled fun frolic that could only end with death or deportation.
- E. Chris Lynch

Just re-read bearded hobo on the street, from start to finish without pausing (really rare) - great work again. Hannah Suarez Brisbane Creative Industries

Read the stories on the shitter this morning. From start to finish...good stuff!! - Michael Lugton

A most excellent purchase. Am sending it up to my little brother at boarding school to broaden his horizons a little. - Sophie Benjamin

I love reading/hearing/watching terrible home videos of peoples travel stories and it was probs the best zine I ever read. I adored the photos and your writing style reminds me of John Birmingham, it was killer fun to read. - k.s.zine

Totally mad. I can't believe you came back alive. You are insane.

Three months of adventures in the Land of the Golden Arches, Capitalism and that Scandal of the American Dream. "Whenever I See A Bearded Hobo On The Street, I'll Think Of You And Smile" is a travel zine including interviews, tales, photos and notes while on the road.

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PO Box 387, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 Australia