I had at least one camera by my side for the entire three months. One being an old point and shoot 3 megapixel. The other, an entry level SLR. Here's a handful that may or may not end up in the zine.

'Whenever I see a bearded hobo on the street, I'll think of you and smile' was
launched @ The Papercuts Collective debut event. The Triple Zine Launch, Exhibition and Zine Fair.
Thursday, September 2nd 2010. photo:

Triple Zine Launch, Exhibition.

Late nights.
Bloomington, IN

Bobble head.
San Francisco, CA

LA, a tourist attraction.
Los Angeles, CA

"You pay crack house prices, you get a crack house"
Harlem New York, NY

Resort? Casino? Theme Park?
Las Vegas, NV

Outback Steakhouse.
Atlanta, GA

We're all stars in Hollywood.
Hollywood, CA

Woody Creek Tavern.
Woody Creek, CO

Atlanta, GA

Osil and Chris on Warped in the death trap.
Detroit, MI

"drunk and shooting things" - Adam Gnade
Portland, OR

No Age/Deerhunter/Dan Deacon round robin @ Rhino's.
Bloomington, IN

Bloomington, I love you. ( zine page)
Bloomington, IN

Basements are way cool. (Guilty Pleasures - Witches )
Bloomington, IN

Forget all your cares and go Downtown.
Los Angeles, CA

Pez means business.
Burlingame, CA

Cheap fun.
Hollywood, CA

Rattlesnakes and the west.
Tucsun, Az

Getting lost has benefits.
San Francisco, CA

Chapels of Vegas.
Las Vegas, NV

Open Mic Hip Hop.
Detroit, MI

Fun with fireworks.
Atlanta, GA

A place where everything is cheap.
Tijuana, BC

Feel some sunshine.
Santa Monica, CA

Mike Ness - Social Distortion.
Indianapolis, IN