4zzzFM - File under.
Brisbane, QLD

Photo: Bianca Valentino - Model: Spanky.
Gold Coast, QLD

Steven - Support!
Bloomington, IN

Erin - Hanging Hobo.
Brisbane, QLD

Al - Chalky.
Toowoomba, QLD

Nathan & Angie - On the record.
Brisbane, QLD

Charlotte - Bearded Homo.
Toowoomba, QLD

Staples - Table top views.
Blanchview, QLD

Photo: Emily Model: Paprika- ACRES Wildlife Rescue.

Ellen - Down and Dirty on the Mudgeenation road trip.
Toowoomba, QLD

Tony - The bright lights of Vivid.
Los Angeles, CA

Toowoomba City Rollers.
Toowoomba, QLD

Tanya- at one with the Redneck.
Atlanta, GA

Chris, Wade (CEO) & Steven - Microcosm Crew.
Bloomington, IN

Ili & Innes - At ZZZ's.
Brisbane, QLD

Marina - the wild rolling hills of Karratha!
Karratha, WA

Jeremy - at work.
Atlanta, GA

Mari - Cactus, fun for the entire family.
Tucson, AZ

Ash & Ian - Bris City Views.
Brisbane, QLD

Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls.
Bloomington, IN

Looey - Clark Street Quote Wall.
Toowoomba, QLD

Jeff - Can you DIG IT.
Boston, MA

Nina - girl without a safety net.
Christchurch, NZ

Geoff Lost High Way.
Toowoomba, QLD

Adam Gnade - "It wasn’t the best of times but the people were unbeatable."
Lansing, KS

Matt Raygun - Reverend Zombie's House of Voodoo.
New Orleans, LA

Wally of Wallwork Studios - About to walk the plank!
Cairns, QLD

AG on the loose.
Brisbane, QLD

Meg 'Batgirl' Bauer.
Melbourne, VIC

Blek Le Rat - Godfather of stencil art.
Brisbane, QLD

And then at some point me and T decide it’s a good idea to “burn everything.” So we burn everything. (And drink a lot of beer and vodka.) - T & photo by A.
Lansing, KS

Christine the loyal Rasputin Music employee.
San Francisco, CA

Stephen Buel - Editor, East Bay Express and general nice guy.
Oakland, CA

Lisa Pineapple - Queen of the dress ups.
Caboolture, QLD

Becky Tillett - postcard creator and photographer.
Colorado Springs, CO

Jack - writer of odd stories.
Canberra, ACT

Elmo - goes through a lot of BBQ sauce and has poor navigation skills.
Toowoomba, QLD